Eric Michael Dale

PhD, Boston University
MTS, Harvard University
MusB, University of Central Arkansas

Dr. Dale is the author of Hegel, the End of History, and the Future (Cambridge University Press, 2014) (click here for more information). He is a specialist in German continental philosophy of the 18th-20th centuries and an expert on religious philosophy in multiple cultures, including classical Confucian and Neoconfucian, medieval Muslim, and modern Protestant and Catholic nouvelle théologie.

He is currently affiliated faculty professor at Emerson College in Boston MA. He also teaches philosophy and religion courses at Fisher College in Boston in both classroom and online formats.

Dr. Dale is a former visiting fellow at the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen in Vienna, Austria.

Click (here) for a scan of Dr. Dale's senior recital program for his MusB in voice.

He is not on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.


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